10 Essential Feminist Books in Literary History

Explore a rich collection of early feminist classics with our list of the top ten essential feminist books in literary history. Throughout history, women have faced systematic oppression in all aspects of their lives, including education, politics, and wider society. Long before the term ‘feminist’ came into popular use, writers were using their work as […]

All 9 Sherlock Holmes Books in Order

Set in the atmospheric, lamplit fog of Victorian London, Arthur Conan Doyle’s series has captivated readers since the late nineteenth century, but what is the best way to read all the Sherlock Holmes books in order? Sherlock Holmes is one of the most well-known and beloved fictional detectives in literary history. Living in the famous […]

6 Inspiring Life Lessons in The Velveteen Rabbit

One of the most enduring children’s stories of all time, discover a list of inspiring lessons in The Velveteen Rabbit. Written by Margery Williams and first published in 1922, the wonderful tale has been imparting its wisdom to readers for over a century.  A charming story of growth and inner beauty, The Velveteen Rabbit addresses […]

The Velveteen Rabbit: How Toys Become Real

A charming tale of self-acceptance, love, loss, and magic, The Velveteen Rabbit is one of the most enduring children’s stories in literary history. Originally published in Harper’s Bazaar in 1921, Margery Williams‘ wonderful children’s story delves into what it truly means to be ‘Real’, revealing that what matters most in life is to love and […]