Beautiful Gift Books & Collectible Classics

These stunning Read & Co. editions of timeless works make beautiful gift books for classics lovers.

The Herb Grower’s Grimoire: Traditional Recipes, Herbal Wisdom, & Ancient Lore

Journey back in time as you explore the magical and medicinal virtues of thirty garden herbs in a collection of herbal legends, charms, recipes, remedies, and hands-on growing advice. This beautifully illustrated volume reveals the botanical magic of herbs and is the perfect gift book for the young witches in your life or those looking to deepen their connection with nature.

Discover the remarkable intersection of creativity and intellect with Art Meets Science. Each exquisitely illustrated title is carefully selected and curated from notable texts in each field, all of which left an indelible mark on our collective knowledge.

Latest Release from Art Meets Science

Anna Atkins’ Cyanotypes of British and Foreign Ferns

Explore this remarkable collection of botanical cyanotypes by Anna
Atkins, the world’s first female photographer, in a stunning celebration
of early photography and the natural world.

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Festive Books & Christmas Reads

Get into the Christmas spirit this festive season with these classic Christmas books. From Christmas stories like Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol and the much-adored Nutcracker to timeless seasonal reads like Little Women and The Velveteen Rabbit, embrace a literary Christmas this year with these perfect books to read throughout December.

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