Beautiful Books to Buy for Nature Lovers this Christmas

Beautiful Books to Buy for Nature Lovers this Christmas

From vintage flower guides to books about rare and vanishing birds, these beautiful nature books encapsulate everything that the natural world has to offer. Explore our Christmas gifting list for the best books to buy nature lovers, avid gardeners, and those interested in the inner workings of the animal kingdom.

9781473336544 - British Country Life in Autumn and Winter - Edward Thomas

British Country Life in Autumn and Winter – The Book of the Open Air – by Edward Thomas

Contained within this book is a collection of essays, field notes, and diary excerpts from numerous naturalists relating to British country life in Autumn and Winter. These fascinating and highly-readable articles will appeal to those with an interest in the British countryside and naturalism in general.

9781528717526 - Night and Moonlight - Henry David Thoreau

Night and Moonlight – by Henry David Thoreau

An 1863 essay by American essayist Henry David Thoreau that explores the moon and its place in literary tradition. A fascinating essay by a seminal writer not to be missed by those with an interest in literature and related subjects.

9781528708173 - Rhymes of Flood and Field - Patrick R. Chalmers

Rhymes of Flood and Field – by Patrick R. Calmers

“Rhymes of Flood and Field” is a beautiful collection of classic poetry connected through the common theme of nature, specifically fields and rivers. This charming collection of natural poetry will appeal to all nature and poetry lovers, and it would make for a worthy addition to any collection.

9781473335516 - A Year in the Fields - John Burroughs

A Year in the Fields – by John Burrows

Burroughs describes what an English field looks like in spring, summer autumn and winter, exploring the effect the four seasons have on the field and its inhabitants. Both charming and interesting, this volume is highly recommended for all lovers of nature writing.

9781528706353 - Mainly About Wolves - Ernest Thompson Seton

Mainly About Wolves – by Ernest Thompson Seton

This book explores the subject of wolves, looking at their nature and natural history with reference to the author’s experiences hunting and tracking them. This classic volume will appeal to those with an interest in wolves, as well as tracking in general and other related outdoor pursuits.

9781528717687 - The Preservation of Places of Interest or Beauty - Robert Hunter

The Preservation of Places of Interest or Beauty – by Robert Hunter

A lecture delivered by Sir Robert Hunter at the University of Manchester in 1907. Sir Robert Hunter was a civil servant and solicitor who co-founded the National Trust. He campaigned for the conservation of public open spaces, working with other notable advocates including and Hardwicke Rawnsley and Octavia Hill.

9781473320802 - Writers on... Nature - Amelia Carruthers

Writers on… Nature – by Amelia Carruthers

Illustrating the complex – at times spiritual, animal, intellectual and emotional – relationships between writers and the environment. It is a connection as essential as it is intense and joyous as it is painful. This anthology allows for an appreciation of the literary world’s greatest reflections on the place we all call home – Nature.

9781528701785 - Rare

Rare, Vanishing and Lost British Birds – Compiled from Notes by W. H. Hudson

This book deals with the various endangered and recently-extinct birds of contemporary Britain. Profusely illustrated and containing interesting historical information, detailed descriptions, anecdotes, and other notable information relating to the birds treated.

9781528701655 - How to Enjoy Flowers - Marcus Woodward

How to Enjoy Flowers – by Marcus Woodward

A vintage guide to the flowers that can be found in an English garden, exploring their history, popularity, identification, culture, and maintenance. Interwoven with interesting information, beautiful descriptions and even poetry, this guide constitutes a must-have green-fingered gardeners

9781473335592 - Walking - Henry David Thoreau

Walking – by Henry David Thoreau

An essay by Henry David Thoreau based on a lecture originally delivered at the Concord Lyceum on April 23, 1851. Within it, Thoreau carefully explores the important relationship between nature and mankind. Thoreau considered it to be one of his best works and repeatedly rewrote it during the 1850s.

9781445570570 - Rivers to the Sea - Sara Teasdale

Rivers to the Sea – by Sara Teasdale

A collection of poetry by American lyric poet Sara Teasdale. Her third poetry collection, “Rivers to the Sea” was a bestseller and was reprinted numerous times since its first publication. Contents include: “Spring Night”, “The Flight”, “New Love and Old”, “The Look”, “Spring”, “The Lighted Window”, “The Kiss”, “Swans”, “The Old Maid”, “From the Woolworth Tower”, “At Night”, “The Years”, “Peace”, “April”, “Come”, “Moods”, “April Song” and more.

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