Fernando Altamirano

Born: July 7 1848
Died: October 7 1908
Fernando Altamirano (1848–1908) was a Mexican physician and botanist. Born in Aculco, State of Mexico, Mexico, Altamirano’s contributions left a lasting impact on the fields of medicine and physiology. Altamirano’s early life was marked by a fervent dedication to learning and education. He pursued medical studies at the National School of Medicine, Mexico, where he developed a passion for the field and a deep sense of responsibility towards the health and well-being of the population. He began his career working as a temporary assistant at the National School of Medicine in the drug history, pharmacy, and pharmacology departments. Continuing employment in pharmacist positions, he began publishing medical catalogues, papers, and articles. He was a prolific writer and contributed articles and essays on various subjects, including public health, education, and social reform, to prominent Mexican newspapers and journals. In 1888, he was appointed the National Medical Institute of Mexico’s first director, and he held this position until his death on 7th October 1908.

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