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April 1854 - 7 May 1931

Paul Nooncree Hasluck was born in April 1854, in South Australia. The third son of Lewis Hasluck, of Perth, the family moved to the UK when Hasluck was still young. He subsequently lived in Herne Bay (Kent), before moving to 120 Victoria Street, London, later in life.

Hasluck was the secretary of the 'Institution of Sanitary Engineers' – an organisation dedicated to promoting knowledge of, and development in the field of urban sanitation. Hasluck was also the editor of several magazines and volumes over his lifetime, including Work Handbooks, and Building World. He was an eminently knowledgeable and talented engineer, and wrote many practical books. These included such titles as; Lathe-Work: A Practical Treatise on the Tools employed in the Art of Turning (1881), The Watch-Jobber's Handy Book (1887), Screw-Threads, and Methods of Producing Them (1887), and an eight volume series on The Automobile as well as a staggering eighteen volumes of Mechanics Manuals.

In his personal life, Hasluck married in 1883, to 'Florence' – and the two enjoyed a happy marriage, though his wife unfortunately died young, in 1916. Hasluck himself died on 7th May, 1931, aged seventy-seven.