Songs of Nature


9781528716659 - Songs of Nature - Sarojini Naidu
9781528716659 - Songs of Nature - Sarojini Naidu
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Songs of Nature

With an Introduction by Edmund Gosse

A wonderful collection of poetry by Sarojini Naidu (1879–1949).

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“Songs of Nature” is a wonderful collection of poetry by Sarojini Naidu. Contents include: “To My Fairy Fancies”, “Leili”, “In The Forest”, “In A Time Of Flowers”, “Nasturtiums”, “Golden Cassia”, “Champak Blossoms”, “Ecstasy”, “Slumber Song For Sunalini”, etc. A fantastic collection of beautiful Indic poetry not to be missed by fans and collectors.

Naidu (1879–1949) was a staunch proponent of women’s emancipation, civil rights, and anti-imperialistic ideas, playing an important role in India’s struggle for independence from colonial rule. Her work as a poet includes both children’s poems and others with more mature themes including patriotism, romance, and tragedy, earning her the sobriquet “Nightingale of India”. Her most famous work is “In the Bazaars of Hyderabad” (1912), which remains widely read to this day. Other notable works by this author include: “The Bird of Time: Songs of Life, Death & the Spring” (1912) and “Muhammad Jinnah: An Ambassador of Unity” (1919). Read & Co. is publishing this brand new poetry collection complete with an introduction by Edmund Gosse.

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Sarojini Naidu


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11 March 2020

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