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Launched in 2020, Art Meets Science is a non-fiction imprint with a unique vision. With a focus on heritage material, its mission is to showcase the extraordinary intersection where the worlds of science and art meet, uncovering the beauty and significance of both disciplines. Each exquisitely illustrated title is carefully selected and curated from notable texts in each field, all of which left an indelible mark on our collective knowledge.

As we trace the evolution of science and art over the centuries, we hope to embrace the same sense of curiosity that propelled early pioneers. By publishing inspiring books that explore the boundless wonders of human intellect and artistic expression, Art Meets Science showcases some of the pivotal works of cultural history meticulously preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The Latest Release from Art Meets Science

Explore this remarkable collection of botanical cyanotypes by Anna Atkins, the world’s first female photographer, in a stunning celebration of early photography and the natural world. Click here to discover more.

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