Christmas Gifting Guide: Best Books for the Avid Gardener

Christmas Gifting Guide: Best Books for the Avid Gardener

These are the best gardening books on growing flowers, vegetables, garden maintenance and more. Whether you’re buying for a gardening pro or someone that’s new to the green-fingered life, these lovely books are perfect for avid gardeners alike and are sure to make wonderful gifts this Christmas for those with an interest in horticulture.

9781446525746 - Dahlias

Dahlias, Gladioli and Begonias – by H. H. Thomas

This 1926 gardening handbook focuses on the growing of three types of flower: Begonias, Gladioli, and Dahlias. Dahlias and Gladioli are popular summer and autumn flowering plants, whereas the Begonia is suited to summer outdoors and winter under glass. This vintage book includes a wealth of useful information related to these particular flowers, as well as step-by-step instructions and expert tips for their successful growing.

9781528714648 - The Allotment - H. H. Thomas

The Allotment – by H. H. Thomas

A 1917 guide to keeping an allotment—a small plot of land rented by an individual for growing vegetables or flowers. Whether done for pleasure or for profit, keeping an allotment can be a rewarding experience and a great hobby for green-fingered individuals. This volume offers the reader everything they need to know about the pastime, written in simple language and containing simple, timeless tips from an expert.

9781528714501 - Little Gardens - H. H. Thomas

Little Gardens – And How to Make the Most of Them – by H. H. Thomas

A 1908 gardening guide with a focus on creating beautiful gardens with only a small space to work with. It gives information on the best plants to choose for small gardens, as well as how to prepare the ground, when to plant, pests and diseases, and much more.

9781446525753 - Bulb Growing for Amateurs - H. H. Thomas

Bulb Gardening for Amateurs – by H. H. Thomas

From seasonal considerations and general planting rules to avoiding pests and diseases and beyond, this fantastic guide contains everything the gardener needs to know before planting bulbs to guarantee success.

9781528700214 - Garden Ponds and Pools - A. E. Hodge

Garden Ponds and Pools – by A. E. Hodge

A vintage guide to large garden water features, with chapters on designing, constructing, populating, and maintaining them. Written in simple language and full of handy tips and hints, this volume is perfect for those wanting to make the most of their garden with the inclusion of an eye-catching pond or pool.

9781528714594 - Round the Year in the Garden  - H. H. Thomas

Round the Year in the Garden – by H. H. Thomas

A 1916 guide to gardening by H. H. Thomas that looks at what needs to be done in the individuals months of the year. This timeless handbook is highly recommended for gardeners and would make for a handy addition to any bookshelf.

9781528714402 - Early Vegetables - H. H. Thomas

Early Vegetables – by H. H. Thomas

A 1917 guide to growing vegetables by H. H. Thomas, focusing on their cultivation out of season in the early months of the year. Although the amateur often regards such growing to be outside of their ability and only achievable by experienced market gardeners, this volume offers the reader simple, beginner-friendly instructions on how early vegetables can be produced by the novice and with minimal extra equipment.

9781528714822 - The Rose Book - H. H. Thomas

The Rose Book – A Complete Guide for Amateur Rose Growers – by H. H. Thomas

“The Rose Book” is a complete guide to growing a variety of different types of roses, written by H. H. Thomas and originally published in 1914. Written in simple, clear language and full of helpful photographs, this guide contains all the information a gardener might need to know about growing roses and is highly recommended for those with a practical interest in the subject. 

9781406797619 - The Book of the Mushroom - A. Defries

The Book of the Mushroom – by A. Defries

Originally published in 1936, this book is a detailed introduction to the cultivation of the mushroom. Full of practical information and instructions on growing and harvesting mushrooms, this book is still of great practical use to today’s grower or mushroom enthusiast and even features a short collection of classic recipes.

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