How to Read More Books: Tips and Tricks to Help Reach Your Reading Goal

How to Read More Books: Tips and Tricks to Help Reach Your Reading Goal

It’s easy to hit a wall and enter a serious reading slump when the other aspects of our life take over. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you keep up with your reading goals and to continue enjoying books. From getting more out of your reading to reading more books in a year, discover a list of 9 handy ideas on how to read more books.

1. Set yourself a reading goal or challenge

This could be a list of the classics you’ve always wanted to read (see our blog for inspiration: Essential Classic Books), or simply setting yourself one book a month to read. Making sure your challenge is achievable is the key here. Actively deciding on the titles or the number of books you want to read can be a really useful way to stick to your reading goal. By keeping your #tbr (to be read) pile stocked up with great books, you’ll be more inspired to get through it.

2. Make use of spare time

We know that life can get busy, but think about utilising those small moments of free time that crop up in the day. Why not try reading on the train or bus, while waiting for an appointment, squeezing in 30 minutes before you fall asleep at night, or even while you’re having a soak in the bath. If you carry your book with you wherever you go, you’ll be surprised at the reading opportunities everyday life can offer. Sneaking in some quality time with a book is a great way to read more.

3. Create focused reading time

Although this can prove tricky in the current day and age, reading with minimal distractions increases your concentration and understanding, meaning you’ll read faster and are more likely to hit your reading goal. If you can, carve out some time in the day to read with no distractions, you’ll get so much done.

4. Use your ears

Popularity in audiobooks has increased massively over the last few years, and it’s no surprise as to why. Perfect for busy people, audiobooks provide an escape from every day and can make mundane activities, like washing up for example, much more enjoyable. Listening to your current book hands-free is a great way to tick books off your reading list and help hit your reading goal.

5. Join a book club

Book clubs have been around for years, and they are a great way to keep reading motivation up throughout the year. There is a book club for everyone and every taste. If you can’t find one in your local area to join, many run online (check out this list of virtual book clubs by Time Magazine), and you can always start your own with a bunch of fellow minded friends.

6. Try reading poetry

The books on your reading list don’t have to be set to one genre. Mixing it up can be a smart way to keep you on your toes, and keep you out of a book rut. Poetry books come in all shapes and sizes, and with such a wide variety of poetry out there, you’re sure to find something that suits you. If you’re new to poetry, starting small can be a lovely way to dip your toe in the genre. Why not explore our collection of pocket poetry books, perfect for reading on the go.

7. Sign-up to a book subscription

Book subscriptions are a sure-fire way to make sure your reading list is constantly topped up with great new titles. Many book subscriptions work on a monthly basis, but there are so many out there you can find one that suits you and your style of reading. A lot of independent bookshops host their own and they are a great way to support small businesses. Our favourite local recommendation is Storysmith, in Bristol – their book subscription for curious readers comes with delicious locally roasted coffee, what more could you want? Check it out here.

8. Ditch it

This one is pretty simple. If you’re reading a book and it feels slower than wading through sand, then ditch it. Put it firmly in the DNF (did not finish) pile and move on to the next. There’s nothing worse than the guilt you feel about abandoning a book halfway through, but it can really slow you down your reading momentum. There are so many wonderful titles out there you’ll find one that you are sure to find another that you enjoy in no time.

9. Replace scrolling with reading

By actively swapping time on social media with time reading a good book, you’ll not only stick to your reading goals, but you’ll also reduce your screen time while improving your overall mindset. With social media playing such a huge role in our daily lives, it can seem almost impossible to reduce your time online. And while scrolling is much less effort than reading, we promise making the swap will be worth it.

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