Fun and Games: Best Sports Books to Buy this Christmas

Fun and Games: Best Sports Books to Buy this Christmas

This gifting list is full of fantastic books all about sport. Whether you’re in need of some gift inspiration for a sports fanatic, buying for a loved one that’s a keen golfer, or after a book all about the history of football, these sports books are sure to put you on the right track.

9781443786256 - Association Football - John Cameron

Association Football – And How To Play It – by John Cameron

Written by one of football’s earliest celebrities, John Cameron. This book contains a detailed guide to the history, tactics, positions, and the contemporary state of football.

9781528711890 - Cricket - Horace G. Hutchinson

Cricket – by Horace G. Hutchinson

A fantastic illustrated history of the game of cricket. It includes a large number of authentic pictures of players from by-gone times, offering a picture-history of the costumes of the game from the old-fashioned players who wore top hats to play, to those heroes of yesteryear clad in conspicuous braces.

9781528715362 - Wrestliana - William Litt

Wrestliana – An Historical Account of Ancient and Modern Wrestling – by William Litt

A detailed historical account of wrestling from its ancient origins to its contemporary form. Most of the holds known today were around in the times of ancient Babylon and Egypt, and references in literature include the Old Testament and Indian Vedas.

9781443767071 - Fifty Years of Golf - Horace G. Hutchinson

Fifty Years of Golf – by Horace G. Hutchinson

This vintage book is an account of how and why golf became a popular sport in England. The author was a key figure in the history of golf and was arguably responsible for its rise in popularity during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

9781528712071 - The Secrets of Jujitsu - Allan Corstorphin Smith

The Secrets of Jujitsu – A Complete Course in Self Defense – by Allan Corstorphin Smith

This book contains a complete seven-volume course on leaning jujitsu. Jujutsu, also referred to as Jujitsu or Jiu-Jitsu, is a Japanese style of martial art and close combat that concentrates on defeating an armed opponent both with or without a short weapon.

9781473329089 - Polo - T. F. Dale

Polo – Past and Present – by T. F. Dale

This vintage book contains a complete guide to playing polo, with information on rules, strategy, training ponies, equipment, history, notable clubs, development, and more. This volume is highly recommended for those with an interest in the history of the game, and it is not to be missed by collectors of vintage sporting literature.

9781528715546 - The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi - Charles F. Haanel

The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi – by Charles F. Haanel

A vintage guide to attaining health and success through the mastering of various yogic techniques, including proper breathing and breath control, using the Law of Attraction, and controlling thoughts. Through doing so, the author claims that you will be able to understand take charge of your life in a way that before would have been unbelievable.

9781406771916 - The Story of the Olympic Games - R. D. Binfield

The Story of the Olympic Games – by R. D. Binfield

A fascinating and detailed account of the evolution of the Olympic games. Within it, Binfield explores the long and interesting history of the Olympic games form its origins in Ancient Greece to the modern games.

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