Classic Poetry Collections – Essential Poetry Books to Gift this Christmas

Classic Poetry Collections – Essential Poetry Books to Gift this Christmas

Say it with verse and give the gift of poetry this Christmas with our hand-picked classic poetry collections.

Whether it be a personal favourite, a must-read epic or a definitive collection of verse from one of the greats, this extensive and carefully curated list is full of our best-loved poetry.

Featuring many of the best classic poetry collections, nature poetry, and historical and biographical poetry books, you will surely find the perfect gifts for poetry lovers this Christmas.

Classic Poetry Collections

Browse a selection of our favourite classic poetry collections representing some of history’s finest poets.

9781528703796 - Poems - by Currer

Poems by Currer, Ellis & Acton Bell

Poems by Currer, Ellis & Acton Bell – By Charlotte, Emily & Anne Brontë

Published in 1846 under the pseudonyms Currer (Charlotte), Ellis (Emily), and Acton (Anne) Bell, this is a collection of fantastic poetry written by the literary sisters Emily, Charlotte, and Anne Brontë. It only sold three copies when first published, although after the success of their later works, the poems have since garnered more attention and acclaim.

Featuring wonderful verses from each of the sisters, it is a wonderful insight into the minds of these literary legends, making it a beautiful gift for poetry lovers, and those with an interest in the work of the Brontë sisters.

9781443774420 - The Complete Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar - Paul Laurence Dunbar

The Complete Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar

The Complete Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar By Paul Laurence Dunbar

Born to ex-slave parents, Paul Laurence Dunbar began writing at a very early age and had published his first poems by the age of 16 in a local newspaper. Much of his work was written in the “African-American Vernacular” associated with the antebellum South, although he also employed conventional English in his novels and poems. Dunbar was among the first African-American writers to garner international acclaim for their work.

This volume contains a complete collection of Dunbar’s powerful poetry, presented here in a brand-new edition for the enjoyment of a new generation. A fantastic collection of powerful poetry that offers a unique glimpse into the lives of African Americans at the turn of the century.

9781528716307 - The Collected Poems of Wordsworth - William Wordsworth

The Collected Poems of Wordsworth

The Collected Poems of Wordsworth

A gorgeous collection of William Wordsworth’s poems first published in “Lyrical Ballads” are presented in this beautiful volume, together with his 1807 work “Poems, in Two Volumes” and other assorted poems. From the Ragged Hand poetry imprint, this classic collection of Wordsworth’s wonderful poesy is evocative of the sublime beauty of both nature and the everyday world, a beautiful gift for poetry lovers and fans of Romantic poetry in particular.

9781408632598 - Shakespeare's Sonnets - William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Shakespeare’s Sonnets – By William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s collection of 154 sonnets beautifully explore the age-old human themes of love and beauty, time and mortality, and contain some of the most revered lines in poetry, such as, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” from sonnet no. 18. Each poem is composed of 14 lines, and their structure forms an ‘English’ sonnet. The first part of the collection is dedicated to a young man, the second to a ‘dark lady’, and whether the sonnets are autobiographical or based on characters of fantasy is still debated today.

A wonderful edition from the Shakespeare Library, this complete collection of Shakespeare’s Sonnets is an essential addition to any bookshelf that will continue to be adored for many decades to come.

9781473312456 - James Joyce - Collected Poems - James Joyce

James Joyce Collected Poems

James Joyce Collected Poems

This brilliant collection of his poetry comes from the famous Irish author James Joyce. Although famous for his short stories and novels, this wonderful collection sheds new light on one of the most influential writers of the early 20th century.

Proudly published by Ragged Hand, James Joyce – Collected Poems encompasses work from ‘Chamber Music’, ‘Pomes Penyeach’, ‘Ecce Puer’ this comprehensive collection is a perfect gift for admirers of Joyce’s work.

9781528719315 - The Earthly Paradise - William Morris

The Earthly Paradise

The Earthly Paradise – The Complete Edition – By William Morris

Considered William Morris’s most popular poem, this epic features legends, myths and stories from Europe, sectioned into the twelve months of the year. Usually sold in parts, Ragged Hand is publishing The Earthly Paradise in one complete volume with a specially commissioned new biography of the author.

A classic poetry collection not to be missed.

9781528719322 - Then

Then, O Belovéd, Whisper to the Worm

Then, O Belovéd, Whisper to the Worm – A Collection of Poetry & Prose – By Charles Baudelaire

Then, O Beloved, Whisper to the Worm is a fantastic collection of selected poetry by the French poet, art critic, and essayist Charles Pierre Baudelaire. Baudelaire’s wonderful poems are known for their masterful use of rhyme and rhythm. Together with their Romantic exoticism, they inspired a whole generation of poets, including Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine and Stéphane Mallarmé.

Bought to you by Ragged Hand, this curated collection of weird and wonderful poems by Baudelaire will not disappoint.

Sleep, My Little One

Sleep, My Little One – A Collection of Sleep & Dream Poems

Sleep, My Little One brings together 59 carefully selected poems about sleep and dreams. This gorgeous collection includes the most tender and calming poetry classics, from Tennyson’s “Sweet and Low” to Blake’s “Cradle Song” from Browning’s “Sleeping and Watching” to Dickinson’s “The Moon”.

These poems encompass the moon, the night, sleeping and dreaming in an anthology of verse, lullabies and songs. Whether enjoyed alone or read aloud to little ones, this treasury of poets is sure to soothe to sleep and invite sweet dreams.

This beautiful book will make the perfect keepsake for new babies and new parents or a treasured gift for little ones and those now grown.

Coleridge’s Conversation Poems

Coleridge’s Conversation Poems – The Complete Collection

This wonderful new collection features all eight of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poems dubbed ‘conversation poems’ by George McLean Harper. Explores themes of love and marriage, human nature and external nature, faith and God, and poetic inspiration, the poems were written throughout his life and include some of Coleridge’s best works. This collection of classic poetry is the ideal gift for lovers of English poetry and the Lake Poets.

Classic Nature Poetry Collections

Nature and the natural world has inspired many great poets and their work. Here you’ll find classic poetry collections from the most respected nature poets and curated collections from Read & Co.’s poetry imprint, Ragged Hand.

9781528716345 - The Book of Nature - William Wordsworth

The Book of Nature

The Book of Nature – Wordsworth’s Poetry on Nature

This pocketbook houses some of William Wordsworth’s most celebrated poetry all along the common theme of nature. Featuring heavily in Wordsworth’s work, nature represented a living thing; a sublime teacher-god that contained all beauty and divine truth. Through the poetry contained within this collection, Wordsworth expresses his view on the natural world and its important relationship with human beings. A wonderful collection of romantic poesy containing some of Wordsworth’s most celebrated poetry.

The One in Red Cravat

A Collection of Poems in Ode to the Robin Redbreast

The One in Red Cravat is a delightful poetry collection celebrating our feathery friend, the Robin Redbreast. The Robin is a symbol of spring song and good fortune, often representing growth, renewal, passion, or change.

The Poet of the Woods

A Collection of Poems in Ode to the Nightingale

The Poet of the Woods is a delightful classic poetry collection about nightingales. The nightingale produces a powerful and beautiful song that has inspired poets since time immemorial.

King of the Night

A Collection of Poems in Ode to the Owl

One of the most mysterious of birds and rarely seen, it is not surprising that the owl is the focus of many poems. This wonderful poetry book is a collection of some of the finest owl poetry ever written.

Our newest releases in poetry feature three gorgeous little volumes of poetry of birds. These delightful classic poetry collections feature some of the greatest poets of all time, such as Wordsworth, Dickinson, Cowper, Shakespeare, Keats, Tennyson and many more. Featured often in British Romantic poetry and nature poetry in general, birds have always inspired poets, and they continue to be a recurring symbol in literature today. These beautiful poetry books make perfect gifts for poetry lovers and birders alike.

9781528715539 - A Shropshire Lad - A. E. Housman

A Shropshire Lad

A Shropshire Lad – By A. E. Housman

A Shropshire Lad was first published in 1896. This beautiful edition contains sixty-three classic countryside poetry by English poet A. E. Housman. Perfect for lovers of the outdoors and the English countryside, this wonderful book is one of the best classic poetry collections to have on your bookshelf.

9781528716659 - Songs of Nature - Sarojini Naidu

Songs of Nature

Songs of Nature – By Sarojini Naidu

A beautiful pocket-sized poetry book, Songs of Nature, is a lovely collection of poetry by Indian poet Sarojini Naidu dedicated to the wonders of nature. With the poems focusing on nature in India, Naidu’s whimsical verse celebrates the colour magic found in Indian nature, drawing on magical and mythical elements to further emphasise the wonders of the natural world. 

9781473335554 - Excursions

Excursions & Poems

Excursions & Poems – The Writings of Henry David Thoreau

This volume is a charming collection of poetry and travelling accounts from seminal naturalist Henry David Thoreau, although also included are a number of his translations. Taken from the collection of ‘The Writings of Henry David Thoreau’ Excursions, and Poems is the perfect gift for poetry and nature alike – a wonderful work that would make a great gift for fans of Thoreau’s work as well as those who are new to it.

Historical and Biographical Poetry Collections

Encapsulating some of the greatest figures and events of the past – from Beethoven to the First World War, these unique poetry collections are perfect for lovers of history.

9781528718288 - The Ballad of Reading Gaol - Oscar Wilde

The Ballad of Reading Gaol

The Ballad of Reading Gaol – By Oscar Wilde

Composed after his release from the titular prison whilst he was in exile in Berneval-le-Grand, this poem deals with the hanging at Reading Goal of Charles Thomas Wooldridge, a 30-year-old man who was imprisoned for cutting his wife’s throat. Within the poem, Wilde narrates the execution in full and explores the brutal nature of the punishment that all inmates must endure.

9781528717618 - The Courtship of Miles Standish - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Courtship of Miles Standish

The Courtship of Miles Standish – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Beautifully illustrated and written by one of America’s most celebrated poets, this book is a narrative poem about the ‘Mayflower’, an English ship that transported early Pilgrims to the New World in 1620. The ship has since become an important part of American history and culture, as well as the subject of innumerable works of art, plays, films, poems, songs, and books. Perfect for those with an interest in English and American history.

9781528717045 - Poems by Wilfred Owen - In the Trenches  - Wilfred Owen

Poems by Wilfred Owen

Poems by Wilfred Owen – In the Trenches

This poignant edition is a 1920 collection of poetry by English poet and soldier Wilfred Edward Salter Owen, MC (1893–1918). A leading poet during the First World War, his work concentrated on life in the trenches and gas warfare. A moving and stark representation of the horrors of life on the front lines not to be missed by fans and collectors of war poetry.

9781528718967 - Like a Ship's Fair Ghost Upon the Sea - Various

Like a Ship’s Fair Ghost Upon the Sea

Like a Ship’s Fair Ghost Upon the Sea – Poetry Dedicated to the White Ship

Like a Ship’s Fair Ghost Upon the Sea is a collection of poetry by various poets dedicated to the White Ship, a vessel that sank in the English Channel on 25th November 1120. The ship was carrying around 300 people, including the only legitimate son and heir of King Henry I of England, William Adelin. All but one of those aboard died, and it was the death of William Adelin that led to a succession crisis in England that threw the country into civil war and a time that would be known as the Anarchy between 1135-53.

9781528717854 - Ode to Joy - Various

Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy – Poetry Dedicated to the Great Composer Beethoven

One of the most celebrated composers in Western history, Beethoven’s music remains among the most commonly-performed classical music around the world. His musical prowess was recognised from an early age, and he soon became famous as a virtuoso pianist and composer. However, after having gone almost completely deaf by 1814, Beethoven ceased public performances and appearances entirely. Ode to Joy contains a fantastic collection of classic poetry related to or dedicated to Beethoven by various poets, including Maurice Baring, Sidney Lanier, and others.

9781528719520 - The Arctic Queen -

The Arctic Queen

The Arctic Queen – A Poem Dedicated to Elisha Kent Kane, in Search of Sir John Franklin

In 1845, British Royal Navy officer and Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin (1786–1847) embarked on his third and final expedition into the Canadian Arctic to force the Northwest Passage. After two years with no word, a £20,000 reward was offered to anyone who could find the expedition, leading to many rescue attempts. Two such attempts were undertaken by Elisha Kent Kane (1820–1857), an American explorer and United States Navy medical officer. Despite contracting scurvy and suffering greatly during his 1853 attempt, he continued on and went further north than any other explorer had managed. Kane was eventually forced to relinquish the icebound brig “Advance” on May 20, 1855 and spent the next 83 days marching against all odds to Upernavik carrying the invalids—losing but one man on the perilous journey. 

This volume contains a poem dedicated to Kane’s courageous efforts to rescue the Franklin expedition, republished now by Ragged Hand in a lovely edition complete with an introductory biography of Sir John Franklin by John Know Loughton.

9781528717915 - Being Brought from Africa to America - Phillis Wheatley

Being Brought from Africa to America

Being Brought from Africa to America – The Best of Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley was an American freed slave and poet who wrote the first book of poetry by an African-American. Sold into slavery in West Africa at the age of around seven, she was taken to North America where she served the Wheatley family of Boston. Phillis was tutored in reading and writing by Mary, the Wheatleys’ 18-year-old daughter, and was reading Latin and Greek classics from the age of twelve. Encouraged by the progressive Wheatleys who recognised her incredible literary talent, she wrote “To the University of Cambridge” when she was 14 and by 20 had found patronage in the form of Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon. Her works garnered acclaim in both England and the colonies and she became the first African American to make a living as a poet.

This classic collection of her works is republished by Ragged Hand and encapsulates some of her best works, including the famous and titular poem ‘Being Brought from Africa to America’ – an important collection perfect for those with an interest in American History and slavery in particular.

9781528719308 - Suffrage Rhymes for Modern Times - Mother Goose as a Suffragette - Various

Suffrage Rhymes for Modern Times

Suffrage Rhymes for Modern Times – Mother Goose as a Suffragette

Originally published in 1912, this book contains a fantastic collection of illustrated, satirical poems written by The Women Suffrage Party. The Woman Suffrage Party was founded in New York 1909. Fighting for the right to vote, these poems highlight the way women were treated at the time and strongly push the narrative for a change in history.

With an introduction by English politician and feminist Millicent Fawcett, this book is perfect for those who are interested in the Suffrage movement and women in history.

If you enjoyed this gifting list of classic poetry books, but need some more gifting inspiration, explore our carefully curated lists of beautiful books, books on nature and the natural world, children’s classics and more.

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